Our Lititz, Pennsylvania bed and breakfast is located in the heart of Lancaster County; an idyllic, rural inn where you can reconnect with nature, discover history, and experience Pennsylvania Dutch culture, lulling you back to a slower, gentler time.

From the open-beamed entry to the hand-carved mantel over the fireplace, Swiss Woods Bed and Breakfast is an inn of detail with the feel of Europe.

Enjoy a walk through the magnificent gardens blooming from the first snowdrop in March to the last aster in November. Relax to the sounds of water falling over the rocks at the water garden. For the nature enthusiast, it is the perfect retreat.

Hiking, biking, and bird watching enthusiasts will love the opportunities. The Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania is a short mile away, just behind the Inn on the upper side of the lake,  and offers many chances to see the wolves, including the very popular monthly full-moon tours. Check their website for the tour times. 

Swiss Woods; the perfect spot for all that Lancaster, Lititz, Hershey and Gettysburg have to offer.

A special word to Speedwell Forge Lake:  We are excited to share that the 6.4 million in funding that is needed to repair the dam is in place and we will get the lake back much sooner than we expected.  To read more about this the link to the press release, pictures and more information can be found at Save Speedwell.

NEWS FLASH!!  Lititz, PA, the coolest small town in America! 
The voting is over and results are in. Lititz was voted the coolest town in America 2013. Being the premier and top rated Inn in the Lititz area we are so excited.



  • Upcoming events... a great reason to visit.
  • The Speedwell Wolves are just around the corner from the Inn.  Include a tour of these wonderful wolves during your stay. Check the PA Wolf Sanctuary website for mid week tour times. Once a month join them for the Full Moon Tour, bonfire and music.
  • 2nd Fridays in Lititz. Come join the fun every second Friday in downtown Lititz
  • 1st Fridays in Lancaster City.  Music and food and late hours. The perfect time to visit the city.
  • Great shows every week at the American Music Theater.


Waltz Vineyards Estate Winery summer concert series  dates vary

August 9, 2014  Lititz Craft Show

September 13, 2014  AG Days at the Lititz Farmers Market

September 28, 2014  Lititz Craft Beer Fest  2-5pm

» 52nd Annual Antique Show
06/25/14 from Swiss Woods Bed and Breakfast
» The Swiss Woods gardens, Werner's bees and Lancaster County farmers markets
05/28/14 from Swiss Woods Bed and Breakfast
Lititz is all about shopping, food, and beauty. Here at the Inn it is no different. We love the spring and all that it brings with it... warmer days, green grass,...

» Lititz Farmer's Market
05/16/14 from Swiss Woods Bed and Breakfast
It's that time of year again! Grab your favorite cup of coffee and take a stroll through Lititz' very own outdoor farmer's market! Fresh produce, baked goods, loc...

07/20/14 from Bed and Breakfast Foodies
It's Blueberry Season One of our favorite coffee cakes is White and Dark Chocolate Sour Cream Coffee Cake. Yes, it is delicious.   But this is blueberry seas...

» Edible Flowers Make Breakfast Special
07/12/14 from Bed and Breakfast Foodies
Bee balm, coriander, dill, peppermint, nasturtium, pansies, begonia, and day lily's Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE

» Unbelievable Grilled Watermelon with Mango Melon Salsa
07/06/14 from Bed and Breakfast Foodies
Watermelon is a southern staple in the summertime, and watermelon seed spitting contests abound. As a child growing up in Arkansas, I was enthralled with seeing w...