A Bed and Breakfast is the perfect way to visit Lancaster County

Every year Werner and I host a group of Swiss Farmers. They arrive after touring through New England and Canada and Lancaster County is the last stop on their trip. We are always challenged with showing them the best of the area and it serves as a wonderful opportunity for us to evaluate all that this area has to offer. Every year we are overwhelmed by just how much there is to do here!

 People touring a vineyard
Jeff the vineyard manager ( with the pipe) and  Werner (with the cup)  learning  details of winemaking.  Thank you Jeff!


Tour group at a vineyard
Our guests enjoying Waltz wines and locally made cheese

Yesterday we visited Waltz Vineyards in Lancaster County. This vineyard is newer to the Lancaster scene and all I can say is .. Welcome! What a wonderful place with wines to match. (My favorite is their Fusion) Located just north of Manheim it is proof positive that Lancaster can produce wonderful wine.
Today in addition to a visit to a local peach and apple orchard the group is touring through pristine Amish farmland, shopping for quilts and learning all there is to know about local milking operations. Tonight we will grill wonderful sausage from S. Clyde Weaver’s sweet corn grown 1/2 mile from the inn, and a decadent peach dessert featuring peaches from the farm at the end of the road.  Lancaster truly is a cornucopia of the best food imaginable.!