A Trip to Middle Creek

Branch frozen in ice and snow

As I approached Museum Road sunlight danced across frozen oak turning what was a dismal winter scape, into a brilliant forest made of glass. Middle Creek has always been one of my favorite places to escape. Summer brings a potpourri of wildflowers that run rampant over the foothills of the reserve followed by an October that bleeds the most vibrant spectrum of crimson and rust.

Luck didn’t seem to be on my side today as I stared out at an empty lake. ”You just missed ’em” a voice from behind me called referencing the Snow Geese and various other waterfowl that make this their winter home. ”There were a couple thousand here the other week but it seems they’ve made their way down to the Carolinas.” A man peered out from behind the visitors desk combing through what appeared to be old ornithology records. He spoke of the many trails I could hike, a recent short-eared owl sighting and how the lake is only a mere four feet deep in most places. It was quiet today. The only chatter came from a couple talking about the mini-metropolis of Nuthatches they had in their backyard.

Snapping a few last pictures, I made sure my scarf was wrapped tight and stumbled out into February. Even on the most drab, goose-less of days, I always walk away with something

If you’re visiting the Inn and are looking for a special getaway, I highly recommend adding Middle Creek to your To-Do List~


Nests of bird eggs


Snow birds