A Warm Winter Gathering at our Lititz Bed & Breakfast

Gooey toffee brownies

As dusk began to fall, Debbie and I hastily put the last finishing Parmesan touches on our flaky oven rolls and did a quick taste test of what was the heartiest of beef stews. Tonight we were hosting the annual meeting for the Lancaster County Innkeeper’s Association and there was no time to waste. Swirls of freshly brewed coffee met the rising warmth of a crackling fire and created together, the most inviting air. One by one, owners from fourteen beautiful inns across the county began to arrive with plated treats to die for. From gooey toffee brownies to bubbling cheese dips- every bite was divine. Sitting back, I couldn’t help but soak in the liveliness and welcoming energy that each person radiated. Inn keeping is a 24/7, at times arduous job, with little to no down time. I see it first hand. What I also see are the most passionate people who are brimming with spirit and character, the types of folks you meet for a minute and feel like you’ve known for a lifetime. ”Home” fills their hearts and it’s definitely contagious 🙂 

 So blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people.