Attention birdwatchers, the Baltimore Oriels have arrived.

Werner is excited. Sometimes it doesn’t take much. Today it was the chirp of the Baltimore Oriel announcing it’s arrival. Spring is finally here and it is warm weather welcomes a host of summer birds. The gardens at Swiss Woods Bed and Breakfast  are a welcome haven for a vast variety of birds. (See the picture of the Bald Eagle on the gardens page) This year we have a nesting bluebird male that sits along the Inn’s windows pecking at his own reflection. There is a Phoebe trying to nest above the Appenzell balcony, a futile attempt as Werner keeps moving them. The house wren’s have staked out a nesting space in the entryway and tiny Carolina Wrens are working on a nest in the dogwood tree. These are just a few of  150 bird varieties we have identified on the property.

Pack your binoculars and come visit. bird watching at it’s best!