December is for Decorating, Natural window boxes at Swiss Woods

Woman with flowers in the garden

It is amazing how quickly we go from a garden in full bloom to one that is dormant and resting for the winter. The cold snap hits and the last of the bright beautful blooms of summer and fall are brown and gone. It is then that, that we look at the garden with an eye toward decorating for the winter. Werner is really an artist at heart. I am continually amazed at his creative side when it comes to flora and fauna, landscaping in general. We have a huge variety of plants in our gardens. He does not cut them down or back until spring when he is getting ready for the summer plantings. Many of them have berries or seeds that feed the birds, some are bushy providing shelter for them during the cold winter months. There are long grasses with plumes, short twigs with bright red berries, prickly holly, and fragrent pine. All of this arranged together makes for interesting and beautiful window boxes and potted arrangements.
Take a walk in your backyard thinking of what can be cut and arranged to make an appealing decoration. Pine cones can be sprayed with gold paint or glitter to add some color and sparkle. Even bark can add some interest to an arrangement.
Add a little snow and you have added interest to your porch or pots in the garden.

Outdoor plant with snow

We wish all of you much fun and enjoyment as you decorate for this holiday season.