Eight Broads in the Kitchen

Last week 7 other innkeepers and myself, launched a new blog that is all about food. It is difficult to keep this blog just about recipes and to keep it up to date so we are using the network of friends and innkeepers that I have come to know over the past few years and sharing a great food site. This will allow me to make this one more about the inn, the grounds, activities that are going on and just other interesting things in general. I truly hope you will find your way over to Eight Broads in the Kitchen and enjoy the recipes and stories from some of the most wonderful innkeepers I know.

Also, if you would like to follow Swiss Woods on Facebook or Twitter we are there! Twitter is @debi1156 for right now though I also have @swisswoods reserved and need to get it up and going. Look for updates on things to do, last minuite specials and other interesting facts. We promise not to overload your in box but will try and keep current with things that are of interest.