Farming and our Lancaster County Bed and Breakfast

Edgewood Farms sign

Lancaster County has a reputation for incredibly fertile farmland, huge harvests, an abundance of veggies and fruit and great dairy. Turkey Hill Ice Cream is now available all over the East Coast and I even saw some in Chicago on my last visit there. At our Lititz area bed and breakfast we make an effort to serve fresh sustainable humanely raised food and I am glad to say that over the summer we have added some new suppliers.  Cage free, free range eggs with the brightest yellow yolks you have ever seen, peaches from the neighboring farm that will rival anything you can find, and tomatoes, potatoes and fruit from yet another neighboring farm. Corn Fritters from fresh sweet corn have been a hit all summer on our breakfast menu as has been the Tomato Pie with Gruyere crust and our fresh Peach and Raspberry Cobblers.

It is peach season and for years we travel the mile up Blantz Rd to the farm at the end to get our peaches. Yes, we have a few in the orchard but not nearly enough to use during our very busy season.  That farm at the end of our road is where Erma grew up and her brother now farms.  Erma, who many of you is our housekeeper, cook, and general all around great person who has been working with us since 1988!  The peaches that we get from Luke’s farm are just amazing and many a guest leaves our breakfast table and makes a stop at the farm stand on their way out to pick up a basket of peaches to take home.   Just this year I discovered that they also sell farm raised Black Angus beef and I can tell you it is just the best beef you have ever had. Lean, flavorful and humanely raised. Last week Erma and I swung past the pasture to take a few pictures of these black beauties but .. not being the best photographer combined with shy cows.. and .. well you will just have to wait till either they stand still or I get better at taking pictures!

When planning your next trip to Swiss Woods, (which I hope is very soon!) I would encourage you to pack a cooler, some ice packs and plan on stopping at this wonderful farm!