Greenhouses abound around Lititz PA!

April and now May signal planting time at our Lititz Bed and Breakfast. I love tomatoes and I especially love the heirloom varieties. My sister starts seeds from her Howard German tomatoes, a huge meaty plum shaped tomato,  and shares them with me but I love variety, so a visit to my favorite heirloom greenhouse is in order. I found Sunnyside up on Rt 322 west of Ephrata, last year and they have a whole greenhouse filled with every kind of heirloom tomato you could ever want and also an impressive selection of peppers… hot peppers.   Ghost peppers, Giant Jalopeno, Habernero.. and so many more. A book with pictures helps you decide just what you want.
I came back to Swiss Woods Bed and Breakfast with Chocolate Cherokee ( a purple grape tomato), a yellow pear,  and some jalapenos. A few hollyhock plants begged to come home as well. All are now planted along with several kinds of Basil, parsley, and a variety of herbs.
I love spring. I love planting.
There is more to do than there are hours in the day but nothing beats watching food grow and being able to use home grown produce in our breakfasts.
During your next visit why not visit one of the many greenhouses and take a few plants home?