Lancaster County PA, Greenhouses galore!

Flowers at the flower auctionSpring is in full swing in Lititz and it is time to turn our attention to the gardens. How fun is that! Every year I am astounded at the number of greenhouses scattered all over Lancaster County. One close to us here at Swiss Woods specializes in geraniums and produces more than a million a year to sell wholesale. Their retail store is like an FA Schwarz of greenhouses, a veritable gardners delight. But they are not the only option by far. Some focus on water gardening, some on herbs and heirlooms, some of shrubs and then there are the auctions that sell plants by the pallet to Roots and Green Dragon’s produce auction that sell by the piece or flat.
Yesterday Erma and I took a few hours to visit the Roots plant auction. What fun that was to bid on hanging fuchsia baskets, flats of colorful inpatients, marigolds, hosta and coral bells. The prices were amazing .. as low as $3 a flat for marigolds. I totally love auctions!
Man working at the flower auction
We will be happy to map these greenhouses out for you, sending you to our favorites.  Roots is on Tuesdays and Green Dragon Farmers Market is on Fridays. The Leola Flower auction runs the beginning of the week. Why not come and stay and see these colorful wonders for yourself? 
Group of people at the flower auction
Werner on the left. .. having a great time!