Lancaster County Pizza maker wins Caputo Cup

The Caputo Cup..Ever hear of it? Neither had I until a local pizza maker entered her New York Style Pizza into the fray. The Caputo Cup Pizza Competition is Naples, Italy’s largest, most renowned pizza contest.  After 13 years of international success it is in it’s second year in the US.  This is a big deal in the pizza world.. who knew?


Norma Knepp of Norma’s Pizza,  who hails from Manheim (right next door to Lititz) and makes her New York style pizza every Tuesday at Roots Farmers market entered and …. Drumroll! Won! So of course this past Tuesday I trekked to Roots, one of my favorite farmers markets, to get a slice of this winner.  I was obviously not the only one with this great idea. The line was long and when it was finally time to order we discovered that the wait was hours! You can call an order in we were told. Good to know so maybe next week…

This must be some pizza! Visit us on a Tuesday and we will call ahead and get us some winning New York style pizza!
You can read about her win her in the Lancaster paper.
Swiss Woods Bed and Breakfast would like to say, “Way to go and congratulations Norma!”