Lancaster Pa’s Keys for the City

Keys for the City…
Pianos show up all over Lancaster City for any and everyone to play.

Over the past decade it has been fun to watch a variety of symbols show up in our cities not only nationwide but internationaly. Zurich had cows, I believe they were the first to start this fun trend, decorated in every imaginable way dotted thoughout the downtown. Burlington Vt had moose, fun ones creatively featured in front of stores or on downtown corners.   And now, Lancaster, PA has pianos. I kind of like this one because it is different and interactive, and promotes music along with art. Yes, the pianos are decorated, painted, designed in all manner of themes but the best part is that they are designed to be played. Anyone wandering past is welcome to have a seat and play their heart out.
Arriving in May, they have found a wonderful reception. From the very young to the  very mature, people enjoy the opportunity to play for their own private concert hall, Lancaster, the stage. Here (short video link) you get a good feel for how much fun this is.  Click here for another wonderful clip. 

We encourage you to add a stop in downtown Lancaster during your stay with us. First Fridays are a good choice as shops are open late, there is special music and special everything on the streets. Any market day is also a good choice (Tue, Friday and Saturday) Find a piano, any piano,(here is a map of them all), settle in and let your inner Chopin perform