March in Lancaster, Swans and Mud Sales

Snow geese in the water
It is hard to believe that winter is almost over, or at least we hope it is. The sun is shining brightly and the almost 4 feet of snow is down to about 2 feet. This is the time of year we look forward to the Tundra Swans and Whistling Swans stopping at the lake on their way north. There were several groups here before the snows and the larger migration will now start. 10’s of thousands will land here at Speedwell Forge lake but many more will stop at Middle Creek Wildlife Preserve, a short 10 minute drive from the inn. Bird enthusiasts from all over the US find there way to Middle Creek to watch the huge flocks of birds take off and land. It is truly amazing. Though it is hard to predict when the largest flocks will be there, there are significant numbers from now through the middle of March. As soon as the warm weather arrives the birds are gone so the earlier you plan your visit, the better. We are so enthused about this migration we are offering Sunday-Thursday nights, stay 2 nights and the second night is 50% off. Ask for the Migration special when booking. We also offer a late check out with this offer (subject to availability) so that you can spend a full day watching the swans.
People at a mud sale 

March is also Mud Sale month! Appropriately named because the spring thaw tends to be muddy, these sales are community oriented and feature everything from quilts to farm equipment. There are handmade crafts, furniture, antiques.. you name it, the list is long. The closest one to the inn is the Penryn Mud Sale on March 20. If you follow this link you will see a list of what is all there as well as pictures from past year offerings. There is remote parking and shuttle services. Just remember to pack a pair of boots. There are mud sales every weekend from Feb 20 through April 28. Ask for our 10% mudsale discount when booking your stay.
A complete list of the wide variety of mud sales in Lancaster County can be found at the Lancaster Tourist Bureau website.