Outdoors at a Lititz Bed and Breakfast

Heron at the lake

So often when talking about the Inn we forget to mention the truly spectacular setting that Swiss Woods enjoys. 35 acres of bliss as one of our recent guests put it. Overlooking Speedwell Forge Lake and bordering on state conservation land not only affords us a very quiet setting, but a wide variety of outdoor activities that only require  a pair of sneakers and a step outside. We are very pleased this year to be awarded with a “Certified Wildlife Habitat” designation from the National Wildlife Federation.

View of the lake and trees
One circular trail that is easy to walk and takes you into what feels like untouched woodland is only about 45 minuites long. Werner’s logging trail provides a great walk back to the wetlands and the Conestoga trail picks up there and brings you back along the inlet, past the owl box and numerous waterfowl nesting spots, back around to our lower gardens.Owl in his box Bull frogs, heron, and a pair of young eagles can be found along the way. If you are very quiet and lucky there are several pileated woodpeckers who call this area home as well.  Pennsylvania White Tailed Deer with their fawn live here as well, feeding at the edge of the woods at dawn and dusk.
For the more adventurous we keep canoes at the lake. Early mornings before breakfast or in the evening when the sun is almost ready to set are fabulous times to enjoy the unique quiet and wildlife on the lake from the vantage only a canoe will give.
Why not take a few days and join us in this special corner of Lancaster County surrounded by all that unspoiled nature has to offer?
Evening at the lake
Turtle resting on a log