Save Speedwell, an update

As many of you know the Speedwell Forge lake was drained in October 2011 because the dam sustained damage during a storm. Soon after we were encouraged that Governor Corbet allotted money out of the State Capital budget, 6.4 million to be exact, to repair the dam. Those funds however did not include dredging the sediment from the bottom which has accumulated over the last 40 years and is negatively impacting water quality below the dam.  The Save Speedwell group has been working diligently to make applications to various organizations interested in clean waterways in an effort to find funds to remove the sediment before the lake is refilled.   This afternoon we got word that Growing Greener has awarded Save Speedwell with 430K to do just that.  We are so very grateful that not only will the lake be restored, but that it will be done well and with the future in mind. Our thanks to all who have helped in this effort.
Tundra Swans

As we wake these mornings and go to bed we hear the calls of the whistling swans migrating north. No, they are not stopping here as there is no lake, but hearing them we are reminded of why we do this. Yesterday Werner spotted the eagle flying overhead and we were encouraged to know that they have not disappeared completely and we hope they will once again call Speedwell Forge Lake home.

In the meantime, the hiking trails are still very much here and the area is beautiful. We are just very thankful to know that the lake will be back, sooner rather than later.