The Swiss Woods gardens, Werner’s bees and Lancaster County farmers markets

Lititz is all about shopping, food, and beauty. Here at the Inn it is no different. We love the spring and all that it brings with it… warmer days, green grass, magnificent flowers and newly opened road side markets. The bees are out and about gathering pollen for their wonderful honey and Werner is busy redoing a few things in an attempt to do rounds of comb honey. We are up to 17 hives many with new queens so stay tuned.

The local produce is here! Every year we encourage our guests to pack a cooler so they can take advantage of the ultimate freshness. We welcome many from New York City, Washington DC, Philly and Baltimore and produce like this is just such a treat. This is the first pick of local strawberries. Ask us for our favorite stops or visit one of the many local farmers markets.
Roots on Tuesdays
Central Market on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday
Green Dragon on Friday
Lititz Farmers Market on Saturday
various and plentiful road side stand every day but Sunday
The one below is my new favorite. In my little kitchen garden I have black cherry tomatoes, purple plum tomatoes and several other heirloom varieties all purchased here.

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