Wild Mushrooms in the Swiss Woods

Werner and I took the time on Sunday afternoon to hike the back trails behind the Bed and Breakfast,  and take a look at a new bridge the boys built across the stream. The bridge makes that trail a guest favorite. It winds its way back to the marshes and then along the inlet where the owl box hangs, wood ducks nest and frogs sing. If we are lucky the owl will be looking out her door even during the day.
Wild mushroomsBecause of the regular rains we have had this year the hiking paths were lined with mushrooms of every imaginable shape and size. We commented that we really need to find someone to teach us the art of identifying mushrooms that we can eat. There is nothing as wonderful as mushrooms fresh from the forest and we have acres here for them to grow on.
So today when the doorbell rang and it was my nephew Ben, Mr Outdoors, with 2 friends asking if they could hunt mushrooms in the woods, I said, sure, if you bring them back for me to see!
When they returned it was with a 5 gallon bucket filled with Hen of the Woods.  One of them is now in my kitchen waiting for me to figure out what to do with it,  and I know where to find more when I get it figured out!  I love that we are never done finding new things to be excited about on this property.  Let me know if you have a favorite way of preparing wild mushrooms!