If you have not already met Baeri, let me take the time here to introduce you!

Baeri was born in Canada and made the trip to us in January of 08. He was all of 8 weeks old and had the most docile and playful temperament imaginable. We were not certain we would ever get over Rosie, who passed unexpectedly in July of 2006, but this pup has earned his place in our hearts and even a dog bed in our living room. He loves to visit with everyone coming through the inn and would probably say, if he could talk, that he never met a stranger. At not quite 4yrs old he still has a lot of play in him. Bernese Mountain dogs are one of the indigenous breeds found in Switzerland. They were used to herd cows and sheep and with their thick coats, were well adapted to the cold winters found there. They have amazing personalities to boot and are "leaners". They will sit and then lean into you resting on your legs.

He moved into his kennel as a happy go lucky puppy and just as quickly, moved into our hearts. We will all tell you that we are just nuts about this dog. We think he is just the smartest fella out there not to mention beautiful. In the years that we have now had him we are continually amazed at his gentle loving personality. He adores the constant flow of guests who take time to come find him. His collar does not allow him access to the guest patios but he loves visitors to come to him.